Job Description

Job ID43
Job TitleDiving Technical Authority 1
No. Required1
TeamMaintenance Engineering (UIA)
Reports ToSubsea Integrity & Intervention Team Leader (EPA-PM-MEDE7)
Work LocationLutong Main Office, Miri and Offshore Visits
PeriodFrom To
DurationTwelve (12) Months with two (2) extension options of twelve (12) months each


  1. To promote, enforce, audit and maintain underwater equipment and personnel standards both within Shell companies and within contractor organizations as they pertain to diving and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) operational standards promulgated by the Shell Group of companies (Diving Centre of Excellence), the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), and by PETRONAS.
  2. To provide Diving Specialist advice on equipment, personnel, underwater safety and procedures to ensurecompliance with legislation, PETRONAS, COMPANY and Shell Group requirements.
  3. To act as the link to the Diving Centre of Excellence encompassing underwater operations or engineering
  4. technology, standards, best practices and procedures.
  5. To act as the Technical Authority Level 1 and ensure any technical deviation with respect to underwater
  6. operations is approved.
  7. Be ever ready to be called upon to provide support during emergencies.
  8. Be the focal point for technological development and matters relating to underwater operations.


  1. Provide technical input as requested by the COMPANY toward the underwater contractors' compliance to the COMPANY standards and guidelines.
  2. The initiation of pre-mobilization of underwater resources audits as requested by the COMPANY and to ensure action items arising from the audits are closed out in a timely manner.
  3. Participate Hazards Identification (HAZID) and Risk Analysis with regards to underwater operations in support of the assets as requested by the COMPANY
  4. The custodianship of the underwater operations HSE case and ensuring that it is updated regularly.
  5. Ensuring that all incidences pertaining to underwater operations (including near misses) are reported, and to take the lead to investigate and analyse root causes to prevent future recurrence.
  6. Ensuring that all process and equipment pertaining to underwater operations and safety shall be established and complied with.
  7. Monitoring emergency response activities arising from incidences associated with underwater operations as requested by the COMPANY
  8. Provide the link to the Diving Center Excellence encompassing underwater operations or engineering technology, standards, best practices and procedures.
  9. Technical deviation with respect to underwater operations.

10. Ensuring that CSR's are competent in discharging their duties.

11. Coordinate underwater services forums as requested by the COMPANY.

12. Ensuring the integration of resource plan as requested by the COMPANY into the Integrated Resource Plan (Diving Facilities Contact List).

13. The underwater contractor's (diving & ROV) compliance with IMCA codes of practice and guidance during a contract implementation stage.

14. The safeguarding and maintenance of all underwater equipment with regard conformance to industry standards (IMCA).

15. Ensuring that all communication (both process and equipment) pertaining to underwater operations and safety is established and complied with.


  1. To achieve full compliance with IMCA codes of practice and guidance notes as requested by the COMPANY.
  2. To ensure that personnel meet the minimum criteria set firstly by the Shell Group of Companies and secondly by IMCA.
  3. Ageing offshore facilities in a vast majority of locations.
  4. Reviewing contractor's technical compliance to contract requirements.
  5. The need to acquire and keep up to speed on the latest state-of—the-art underwater technology and technique.
  6. The institution of technical innovative improvements in order to reduce cost in underwater operations.
  7. Making critical decisions in deviating from the standard practice.
  8. Keeping abreast of new developments and familiarization with technology required for deepwater requirements and assisting contractors to comply with any new Shell requirements resulting from such technology.


  1. Must be competent in underwater operations and possess the relevant underwater bell diving certification (e.g. IMCA Supervisor or equivalent) commensurate with at least 10 years or have a minimum accumulated 15 years, working experience in diving Technical Authority, diving CSR and/or supervisory role (such as diving superintendent/diving operations superintendent/diving offshore construction manager) in the subsea (diving & ROV) industry.
  2. Must have at least 5 years or possesses a Dynamic Positioning (DP) operator basic course commensurate with at least 3 years, working experience on a DP diving vesseVbarge in role such as diving superintendent.
  3. Must have at least 15 years working experience in underwater operations and engineering experience in the Subsea engineering (Saturation, Air & ROV) industry.
  4. Should have minimum Higher National Diploma (HND) in any engineering field preferably mechanical or structural engineering.
  5. Must be familiar with the industry standards in relation to underwater operations and safety.
  6. Must be fully conversant with all IMCA requirements pertaining to the activities referred to in the roles & responsibilities as demonstrated in diving supervisory role and/or IMCA audits participation.
  7. Must be able to communicate (both written and spoken) in English fluently.
  8. Must be capable of producing reports, audit documents, charts, forms, presentations etc. using word processing software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).